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Summer Car Seat Cover - Grey/Blue

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This baby car seat cover offers an unrivaled 4-in-1 protection, faithful to the Petit Coulou brand quality. Protect baby's fragile skin from harmful UV rays, mosquitoes and other biting bugs (and thus preventing transmission of potentially dangerous diseases such as the Nile virus, Zika, Lyme disease, etc.) during your summer and fall outings.

DON'T LEAVE down south without yours! The Petit Coulou is an indispensable item to bring on vacation to tropical destinations, where risks for baby are higher.

Benefits of the Petit Coulou mosquito net and cover for baby car seats

• The best chemical-free protection for your baby or toddler!!!
• Retractable sun visor to protect against UV rays, wind and the rain
• Adapts to most rear-facing baby car seats
• Mosquito net that prevents even small biting midges and no-see-ums from reaching baby.
• Easy access to baby thanks to the full-length zipper
• Reflective print on the front of the cover for added safety for dusk, dawn and night walks, practical for joggers!
• Supportive frame preventing the cover from collapsing on baby and leaving plenty of space to move
• Solid anchors on each side of the cover
• Easy Installation: see video
• Breathable and water-resistant fabric
• Includes practical storage &carrying bag.

NO to mosquitoes
 to sunburns and sun lotion with chemicals
 to insect repellent with DEET and other harmful chemicals
 to having fun with your family outdoors!

1 year warranty

We will replace or repair your cover free of charge under some conditions. Keep your proof of purchase.

CARE - Cold water wash (delicate cycle) - Hang to dry


- Never leave infant unattended. 
- Always use the harness when infant is in the car seat.
- It is important to read the manufacturers manual before using the Petit Coulou protective car seat cover for infants or stroller cover for toddlers for the first time.


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