Our History

Agatha and Its Reason for Being

Let us first mention that Agatha was created by two parents, a father and a mother, of three young children, but above all, it was created by a man and a woman, two professionals, young, dynamic, informed and... quite busy. Two demanding consumers, concerned with detail, quality and service. Two people who are passionate about finding the right product, at the right time, and offering the best to their children.

From starting our online business in 2012 to opening a warehouse store in 2014 and a boutique in Mount-Royal in 2019, Agatha, is a team working every day to meet your parental expectations and to guide you from the moment you announce your pregnancy to the moment your child takes their very first steps.

The Store

Our online shop as well as our storefronts are welcoming, and our consultants are extremely well-informed on all the products you are looking for. They are generous with their advice, virtually or in person.

The selection of our products is based on non-negotiable criteria. We want to offer you durable, high quality, safe and branded products that fulfill their promises year after year. Our selection is also made after carefully listening to your needs.

The Essence of Our Service

Your child deserves the best and you deserve to be guided as you would do for a friend or a loved one. This is how we treat our customers! Whether your shopping is done online or in-store, your shopping experience is a priority to us before, during and after your purchases... without compromise.

If you browse our customer testimonials or subscribe to our communities on the Web, you will immediately notice that the praise we receive reflects the fact that we take care of you.

The Agatha Community

To be closer to you, Agatha has created a community. Our blog and Instagram communities are the result of the collaborative work of hundreds of bloggers and contributors who feed it with quality content every day that they want to write and publish and that you want to read and watch. Because they pertain to family topics that are important to you, our Facebook community is also here to inform you, entertain you and reward you for being part of our family.

So, we hope you have a wonderful shopping experience, and tell us all about it if you feel like it!


Agathe and André, cofounders