Get your baby items gift-wrapped for delivery!

When you order a baby gift from Agatha le baby shop for delivery anywhere in Canada, you can get it gift-wrapped for only $5.

What does the gift-wrapping look like?

As seen on our site, your baby gift will be gift-wrapped in brown Kraft paper and tied up with red, blue and chocolate-brown ribbons.

A gift card will be added to your gift with the message of your choice.

How to request gift-wrapping?

Start by selecting the items you want to order, and then go to the Checkout section.

When it comes time to pay, our site will ask whether or not you want gift-wrapping. If you check “yes,” you will be able to select which items from your order will be gift-wrapped. You will also be able to write the message you want to be included in the gift card.

To get the baby gift delivered to someone else, simply enter your address under “Billing Address,” and that person’s address under “Delivery Address.”

If you experience difficulties or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.