Agatha’s Best Price Guarantee

90-Day Best Price Guarantee

Experience the best shopping experience with the expert advice of our professionals, our exceptional service that is already renowned and purchase high quality products at the best price of the market. Be confident and contribute to your own shopping experience…

To The Warehouse Store:

Our priority is to advise you. Our specialists, trained and certified, are particularly well-equipped in-store to allow you to try our products for you to make the right decision. If you have seen the same product cheaper elsewhere or have heard of a promotion offered, it will be our greatest pleasure to be informed and adjust your price accordingly. We just want to serve you exceptionally and at the best price ;o)


Our priority is to offer you the most user-friendly online shopping environment, always at the best price. As a leader, we are continuously improving this shopping environment and our team is constantly monitoring prices. If you are having difficulty navigating the website or if you find a lower price elsewhere, please share the information with us by calling 1-855-873-2323 or by emailing us at We will be happy to make the adjustments to ensure you always have the best shopping experience in Canada!

Agatha exists thanks to you! Taking advantage of the advice of our specialists, reading our blog articles (in French at the moment), shopping online or in at our warehouse store, and letting us know of better prices that could be offered elsewhere are all elements contributing directly to our success, and yours ;o)

90-Day Best Price Guarantee:

Thank you very much,

Agathe and André, cofounders.