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Panic in the hen house, the fox is on the prowl and the eggs have not yet hatched ...

When it is his turn to play, the player chooses :

  • to throw a card into the pot
  • or to carry out one of the game actions : -Lay an egg (by presenting the 3 cards - hen, rooster, nest, the player may take an egg card). He places it in front of him, egg side up.

Give birth to a chick (the player presents 2 "hen" cards whilst imitating a hen's cry.) Turns over one of his "eggs" to make a newborn chick appear.
Take an egg from another player (the player presents a "fox" card to an advesary, and ask him for an "egg" card (not a chick). The adversary may counter-attack by presenting 2 "rooster" cards.

The winner is the first to manage to get 3 chicks.

31 cards

2-5 players

5 years old +


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